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Negra44 FOR LIFEEEEEEEE. .............

Dark devil

There isnt dark devil xl

My phone was high jacked after installing this app

Could just be a coincidence but I enjoyed the app while I had it installed


Anyone else having issues with just opening the app? 👀 I updated it today and I went to log in and it just crashes and freezes.

Click issues

This site is dope as hell!! My only issue is when i use the app, it wont like me click on “Current User? Log in.” It also wont let me create the account, i had to do everything thru the website. If that can be fixed, easy 5 stars from me

Unable to login

The update logged me now and now it won’t let me log back in, I just get sent back to the login slash page. Considering moving to weedmaps

Messed up

Terrible app all locations all messed up with phone numbers as well

Best spot

Staff is nice security is polite and the bus tenders are great 5min away from my house and can’t get any better than 6 grams


The app now only displays dispensaries that have payed to be on the list. This update is pitiful. Someone else should hope on it and put Leafly out of business.

Horrible update.

Latest update has me wanting to uninstall your app. FULL of ads. Impossible to find deals that before were the main focus. Horrible update people. Used to be my go to app but I'll now be looking elsewhere...

Needs Landscape Mode

Really good otherwise.

Latest update

I deleted weedmaps because of the layout, WHY would you change the interface

Useful yet irritating

Is there any reason the coders for this app insist its iPad version be locked in portrait mode? It’s so very 2009!


A complete guide!! Very helpful👍🏾


I use it to try and look up strains and dispensaries by me. I, however, do not like the fact that I can’t not use the leafly pickup that my dispensary and many other by me use. It’s a great time saver. I am able to shop the pickup section via the website, or if I pull out a Samsung (android based) phone. Stupid if you ask me. Kinda makes this app a bit pointless. I might as well use the website initially, then being redirected to the website when trying to Leafly Pickup. AZ MMJ.

Highly Recommended

Awesome app!! Provides everything you need to know about this amazing plant. Great for newbies and experienced connoisseurs alike. A must have!

Siri Shortcuts?

I think I use this app more then any other app I’ve downloaded onto my phone. However I’d like to see Siri shortcuts integrated so you could just ask Siri about a strain and the details would come up.

Love it! One of my Fave Apps!

Keep up the great work!


Very tasteful information each time I’ve used Leafly. Thanks for the info.! 🤙🏼😎


I couldn’t get the app to work even though I was in Denver proper... just a major let down.

Strain Finder

I use the app to find strains that dispensaries sell to get a detailed review but what I have noticed is not all the strains I’ve looked up are in the app, with that said about 70% of the time I can find a strain in app but for the other 30% I have to go online to leafly.com which is simply an inconvenience. 4/5 stars right now but if all the strains from the website are also included in app I would give this a full 5/5. Love the app, just needs all the strains to put it over the top for me.


Helped me find all the tree in la 🤷🏿‍♂️

Love it

Love it always accurate

My opinion

Best app ever

Menu search broken as hell

Fix menu search, it’s a joke and doesn’t work at all.

Leafly is my go to for Strains Information!!!

Best website ever 👍

Your Medication Dictionary!

My goto guide for cannabis information! Will be making an account! Stay elevated and medicated!

It works well

Intuitive, clean design

Doctor Green

Amazing app hope texas goes legal soon.

Best Quality Cannabis Resource

Learn. Explore. Search. This app is great. Find what’s near you with full menu detail. VVRad.

Cool and convenient

I don’t have to go on safari Instead I can go on this app and just go nuts with all the information on cannabis.

Thank you

Thank you for this wonderful and professional way to learn about such a wonderful way of life. I love how easy it is to research a strand. Then do a bit of reading up on current weed related issues. I live in Texas, love muh state! Big on love but “little on thought.” With hard work and some time we’ll get there. Thanks again and peace out! Jen Perez

A stoner

I consider myself a veteran when it comes to smoking canabis and an app like Leafly is a good thing yo have around to keep me updated on so many things.

Strain lists seem way outdated

See above

I’d come back

Popular place so it can get packed but the bud tenders try their best to get you in and what your looking for . I’d come back for the galactic cookies for sure!!



Missing strains

So far I have been unimpressed with the app. I think the strains list is large; however, every strain I want info on the app does not have. For example, it does not contain any wifi strains or “space ghost.” As the wifi strains are in almost all dispensary’s where I live you would think the “leading online database” would have information but it does not.

Reviews, love reading them! 😂

Reviews, love reading them! 😂

Best weed strain review app

All you needa know about da weed

Won't post negative reviews

Posted a one star review of Magic Castle in Portland OR after they sold me year old weed for $75 a quarter. Can you say rip-off? Anyway the fact that Leafly only posts positive reviews makes them a FRAUD.

Great site

Easy and informative must be a staple if your on medical marijuana


The only way to know what your consuming, ingesting or puffin on.

Great app

I enjoy using this app a lot. The strain guide is awesome.

Location and Law Confusion

I live in Baltimore, Maryland.. I’m a medical marijuana patient and of course medical marijuana is legal in my state.. I am able to search the dispensaries best me, but if I click on a particular one, I get the error message “medical or recreational marijuana is not legal in your state, please contact your local representatives”, yet as I said it is in fact legal here... Leafly blamed the problem on that I’m an iPhone user however my location services are turned “on” and unlike issues with other apps, Apple and my carrier seem unaware it says issue.. Other than not being able to use the site to its full legal potential, I absolutely LOVE this site!!! For someone who’s been smoking awhile now but is really very naive to the “ifs, ands or buts”if marijuana, this site is amazing! It will tell you which strains are good for what purposes, what the qualities of said strain are (down to components of smell), which dispensaries near you sell it and how much even!

Little hard to navigate

It has a solid lexicon for information

A must have

I need this. Would be lost without it. If you care about what your weed does to you and what to expect, this is it. Poise a lot of other info on there too like where to find weed!

Worth The Proof

Im happy im visiting a full page that has no negative source about marijuana. This app is filled with answers and great information about the flower . Your app shows the different varieties of maryjane to your liking and treats you like a einstein to the books of ganja


Excellent information and awesome pictures of the stains. Must have app!


First of all, you can’t switch apps without the app resetting to the splash page; so of you’re in a research rabbit hole and want to check the weather, say— you’re screwed. Also, the new layout is very clunky and somehow less streamlined than before. The menus are a mess. Frustrating app to use.


Very Awesome


Love you guys😘

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